Ananth V. Kini

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We investigate four performance metrics for randomized broadcast protocols on sensor networks: the fraction of nodes that receive the message (coverage), the number of first-time receivers per transmission (energy efficiency), the node-average normalized time till reception (per hop latency), and the average number of control messages per node (overhead).(More)
This work is focused on the study of the organization of the SEEG signals during epileptic seizures with multi-agent system approach. This approach is based on cooperative mechanisms of auto-organization at the micro level and of emergence of a global function at the macro level. In order to evaluate this approach we propose a distributed collaborative(More)
— AHNs are wireless networks operating without the benefits of network infrastructure (basestations) or centralized control. AHNs working with limited spectrum perform best when simultaneous transmissions are coordinated to avoid collisions. Optimal transmission coordination is a combinatorial optimization problem that is, in general, intractable for large(More)