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We present a framework for allocating a global carbon reduction target among nations, in which the concept of "common but differentiated responsibilities" refers to the emissions of individuals instead of nations. We use the income distribution of a country to estimate how its fossil fuel CO(2) emissions are distributed among its citizens, from which we(More)
The concept of superfluidity applies to both macroscopic and microscopic objects. In both cases, there is no dissipation or drag force as long as the objects move with a velocity less than the so-called critical velocity. A moving macroscopic object creates a complicated flow field. Above a certain velocity, vortices are created. In contrast, the physics of(More)
India's several interlinked energy-related challenges can only be met by long-term planning and coordinated action by various stakeholders. By highlighting the Planning Commission's Integrated Energy Policy report, this article proposes the creation of a government-supported statutory energy modelling institution – the Bureau of Energy Information and(More)
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