Ananth Bommakanti

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Take a look at a textbook illustration of a cell and you will immediately be able to locate the nucleus, which is often drawn as a spherical or ovoid shaped structure. But not all cells have such nuclei. In fact, some disease states are diagnosed by the presence of nuclei that have an abnormal shape or size. What defines nuclear shape and nuclear size, and(More)
We describe a method called modular, early-tagged amplification (META) RNA profiling that can quantify a broad panel of microRNAs or mRNAs simultaneously across many samples and requires far less sequence depth than existing digital profiling technologies. The method assigns quantitative tags during reverse transcription to permit up-front sample pooling(More)
The biogenesis of ribosomes is coordinated with cell growth and proliferation. Distortion of the coordinated synthesis of ribosomal components affects not only ribosome formation, but also cell fate. However, the connection between ribosome biogenesis and cell fate is not well understood. To establish a model system for inquiries into these processes, we(More)
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