Anantaram Balakrishnan

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The fixed-charge network design problem arises in a variety of problem contexts including transportation, communication, and production scheduling. We develop a family of dual ascent algorithms for this problem. This approach generalizes known ascent procedures for solving shortest path, plant location, Steiner network and directed spanning tree problems.(More)
Growing demand, increasing diversity of services, and advances in transmission and switching technologies are prompting telecommunication companies to rapidly expand and modernize their networks. This paper develops and tests a decomposition methodology to generate cost-effective expansion plans, with performance guarantees, for one major component of the(More)
To ensure uninterrupted service, telecommunication networks contain excess (spare) capacity for rerouting traffic in the event of a link failure. We study the NP-hard capacity planning problem of economically installing spare capacity on a network with steady-state working flows to permit link restoration. We present a spare capacity planning model that(More)