Anant Utgikar

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In this paper, we propose a novel medium access control (MAC) protocol, called SYN-MAC (for SYNchronized MAC), based on a binary countdown approach tailored for wireless networks. SYN-MAC has several attractive features such as simplicity, robustness, high efficiency, fairness, and quality of service capability. We evaluate SYN-MAC in terms of collision(More)
We evaluate performances of different implementations of affine transform in motion compensation architecture based on a hierarchical adaptive structured mesh. The architecture predicts the next video frame using the reference frame, mesh code and mesh node motion vectors. It achieves significant reduction in describing the mesh topology by coding the(More)
We design ond implement on eficienf architecture for geometric camputofion of the globolposition of on airbome video camera f” images o/ known landmarks. A mbust Hough transform-like method facilitated by a closs of CORDIC-structured computations is implemented. It empowers aerial surveillance systems to novigofe effectively when the GPS and inertial(More)
We design and implement an efficient architecture for geometric computation of the global position of an airborne video camera from images of known landmarks. A solution based on this analysis, a robust Hough transform-like method facilitated by a class of CORDIC-structured computations is implemented within the framework of terrain navigation. It empowers(More)
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