Anant R Kapdi

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The reactivity of palladium(0) complexes, [Pd(0) (2)(dba-n,n'-Z)(3)] (n,n'-Z=4,4'-F; 4,4'-CF(3); 4,4'-H; 4,4'-MeO) and [Pd(0)(dba-n,n'-Z)(2)] (n,n'-Z=4,4'-CF(3); 4,4'-H; 3,3',5,5'-OMe), used as(More)
Direct transmetallation between palladacyclic complexes and arylboronic acid occurs to give isolable transmetallation products. In THF, the reaction occurs <0.5 h. Prolonged reaction leads to the(More)
Pd(0)2(dba)3 (dba = E,E-dibenzylidene acetone) is the most widely used Pd(0) source in Pd-mediated transformations. Pd(0)2(dba-Z)3 (Z = dba aryl substituents) complexes exhibit remarkable and(More)