Anant M. Bagade

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Cloud computing is a technology, which uses internet and remote servers to stored data and application. Cloud computing provides on demand services. Multiple users want to do business of their data using cloud but they get fear to losing their data. While data owner will store his/her data on cloud , he must get confirmation that his/her data is safe on(More)
Today is the world of science, mobile technologies, web applications, internet applications, business transactions these technologies can be combined to online business on mobile device which will increase the business performance. This is a real world practical application where a need arises to think about user using the system application which will run(More)
In software engineering, software testing plays a vital role in improvement of software. In software testing, Test data generation is a standout amongst the most significant and crucial phases. Software testing is not possible without adequate test data. Software testing can be performed by using different test cases like, unit testing, integration testing,(More)
Cloud computing is type of system that uses sharing resource, it cannot uses local sever or personal devices for application, it uses single network to share resources. This services are provided to user's computer and laptops using internet. Main feature of the cloud services is that user " s data are usually process on machines that users does not know.(More)
Problem statement: Morphing of images has evolved and become a challenging field in information hiding and data security. The objective of this study is to secure the image data over internet while transmitting using the concept of image morphing Approach: To address this issue, the study proposed the new approach for image data security using the concept(More)
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