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BACKGROUND With changing trends in treatment of displaced midshaft clavicle fractures (DMCF), plating remains the standard procedure for fixation. An attracting alternative method of fixation is the titanium elastic nailing (TEN). However, prospective randomized studies comparing the two methods of fixation are lacking. We assessed the effectiveness of(More)
BACKGROUND Nonunion of patella is an uncommon entity prevalent more commonly in developing countries. Many of them have a functional knee joint and only those with a wide gap and failed extensor mechanism need surgery. We report an analysis of nonunion of fracture patella treated by 3 surgical method. MATERIALS AND METHODS 35 patients of nonunion/delayed(More)
We here with present a case of osteochondroma arising from the spinous process of L2, L3, L4 vertebrae (Rt. Side) in a 28 years old male, labourer by profession presented to our hospital OPD on 08/11/2012 with chief complaint of progressive swelling over the Rt. paraspinal area of lumbar spine for last 1yr. Pain and swelling were gradually increasing. There(More)
BACKGROUND More than 200 different operations have been described for the treatment of recurrent anterior dislocation of shoulder. The Modified Boytchev procedure employs rerouting of the detached tip of coracoid process with its attached conjoined tendon (short head of biceps and coracobrachialis) deep to subscapularis and reattaches to its anatomical(More)
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