Anant Kartik Mithal

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ChikJren'sperformances using three differentmouseinterfaces to control point-of-view (POV) navigation in a prototype of aCD-ROM based " virtual forest " were assessed. Results indicate that while children readily understood POV movement, and were able to use all three interfaces successfully, each interface was less than optimal for different reasons. An(More)
This paper describes a study comparing the movement characteristics of the mouse and the velocity-control iso-metric joystick. These characteristics are called the micro-structure of movement. The comparison found random variations in the velocity of the isometric joystick that make it hard to control. The study shows that the micro-structure of movement(More)
Pointing devices have become very important for HCI and their design needs to move beyond iterative engineering approaches towards methods guided by models that describe how pointing devices are used. This thesis aims to e~tend psychologists' models of manual pointing to pointing devices, as a step towards providing human factors engineers with a basis for(More)
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