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A single-blind, randomized clinical trial was carried out to compare the analgesic effectiveness in patients with renal colic of single intramuscular doses of diclofenac sodium (75 mg) versus a dipyrone (1 g)/spasmolytics combination, and diclofenac sodium (75 mg) versus pethidine (75 mg). The first study involved three centres, the second study one centre.(More)
Introduction. Brain metastasis is a poor prognostic marker in lung cancer. However it is not known whether amongst patients with EGFR mutation those with brain metastases have a worse outcome. Methods. We compared the survival outcomes between EGFR mutation positive patients with and without brain metastases. In this retrospective analysis of prospective(More)
INTRODUCTION The goal of HAART is to achieve maximal and durable suppression of virus replication. Adherence plays a very important role in success of antiretroviral therapy. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To find out the rate of adherence and factors that influence adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART). MATERIAL AND METHODS The present study was conducted in(More)
While conducting a leprosy survey in an urban slum in Pune 45 cases of leprosy were detected in a population of 4915 and only 7 of these cases had some disability. Disability rate in the leprosy cases was 15.56 percent, and maximum number had Grade 2 disability of hands or feet. Disability was higher in the higher age groups, males, Hindus, widower/widows,(More)
BACKGROUND Infection is a common cause of mortality and morbidity in cancer patients. Organisms are becoming resistant to antibiotics; age appears to be one of the factors responsible. We analyzed common organisms and their antibiotic sensitivity pattern in the correlation with age. METHODS This is a single institutional, retrospective analysis of all(More)
While conducting a point prevalence total population survey in Ghorpuri slum in Pune, the overall prevalence or leprosy was 9.16 per thousand. The prevalence rate varied in different bastis with Madari basti having a very high prevalence rate of 17.31 per thousand and showing clustering. Prevalence was highest in age group 31-40 years, females, Muslims,(More)
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