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One common issue in mobile electronic devices is the accuracy of available energy information. To implement a battery monitoring system requires application specific restrictions that are not satisfied in all cases by existing models due to their accuracy or required computational effort. In this paper we will discuss about the solution of a battery(More)
Through this paper we will concentrate on battery powered electronic devices, able to integrate an on-line, software based, state of charge monitoring system. We propose a novel approach of the Lithium-ion battery mathematical model that provides accurate information about batteries behavior. Using the differential equations related to the cathode electrode(More)
Let A 3,6,−1 be the real Lie algebra of type (VI), the real parameter being equal to −1, in the Bianchi classification of the 3-dimensional real Lie algebras, and A * 3,6,−1 the dual of the real vector space A 3,6,−1. The dynamics associated to a quadratic and homogeneous Hamilton-Poisson system on A * 3,6,−1 is considered. The spectral and nonlinear(More)
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