Anandkumar G. Patil

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— The objective of this study is to develop a FCM Segmentation that could distinguish crops as plant, soil and residue parts. This classification will help agronomist to decide crop pattern and cultivation practises. In this paper, collected the 10 different types of crops JPEG images from the fields. And stored as a database. After segmentation, color and(More)
Severe physical and psychological distress occurs due to disfigurement caused by loss of eye. Ocular prosthesis is the only mode of rehabilitation for the missing eye. There are different materials and techniques used for the fabrication of the same. Resin proved to be the better among the available materials. Either using the stock eye or using customized(More)
Aim: Correlate and analyze the sagittal condylar guidance obtained by protrusive interocclusal records by extraoral Gothic arch tracing and panoramic radiograph tracing in edentulous subjects. Methodology: Sagittal condylar guidance was determined in 10 edentulous subjects by protrusive interocclusal records using Gothic arch tracing transferred to Hanau TM(More)
Structural changes in the choroid, a layer located between the retina and sclera, could indicate various vision impairments. Consequently, ophthalmologists inspect optical coherence tomography (OCT) scans of the posterior section of the eye towards making diagnosis. With a view to assist diagnosis, we propose an automated technique for segmentation of the(More)
Intrinsic discoloration of a non-vital permanent incisor tooth due to trauma may have a significant esthetic and social impact on children and adolescents. Treatment options for discolored Non-vital teeth are bleaching, crowns or veneers. However, this restorative crown or veneer approach has a significant drawback of being an invasive technique.(More)
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