Anandhi V. Dhukaram

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This study examined patient and caregiver's perception regarding pervasive healthcare technology using five focus groups and a 31-item questionnaire. To further develop an understanding of the benefits and functionalities that prospective patients deem as either desirable, undesirable, inadequate or in need of further development the study was categorized(More)
BACKGROUND Patients make various healthcare decisions on a daily basis. Such day-to-day decision making can have significant consequences on their own health, treatment, care, and costs. While decision aids (DAs) provide effective support in enhancing patient's decision making, to date there have been few studies examining patient's decision making process(More)
Successful management of long term chronic illness mostly depends on medication. The study objectives are: 1) to identify elderly patients' day-to-day medication challenges, 2) to access patients' medication knowledge including side-effects, interactions and consumption time, 3) to understand patients' sources of information for medication, and 4) to(More)
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