Anandhi Ramesh

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The aim of our work is to present a robust 3D automated method for measuring regional myocardial thickening using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) based on Laplace's equation. Multiple slices of the myocardium in short-axis orientation at end-diastolic and end-systolic phases were considered for this analysis. Automatically assigned 3D epicardial(More)
This thesis proposes a method for characterising the singing voice in polyphonic commercial recordings. The specific feature that we characterise is the nasality of the singer's voice. The main contribution of the thesis is in defining a strong set of nasality descriptors that can be applied within the constraints of polyphony. The segment of the recording(More)
Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) imaging is a type of ultrasound elastography used in medicine, particularly for the monitoring and diagnosis of cancers. Medical professionals observe the tissue elasticity of the ARFI equipment for the diagnosis of the cancer. This paper investigates the role of image processing on the ARFI image for the diagnosis of(More)
— In a previous paper, we derived the optimum selection combining (OSC) scheme for binary noncoherent FSK (NCFSK) signals on independent (but not necessarily identically distributed) Rayleigh fading channels with¨-antenna diversity reception. In the OSC scheme, the diversity branch having the largest magnitude of the logarithm of the ratio of the a(More)
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