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M anufacturing firms are increasingly using advanced enterprise-level information systems to coordinate and synchronize externally oriented functions such as marketing and supply chain and internally oriented activities such as manufacturing. In this paper, we present a model of manufacturing performance that simultaneously considers the effects of a firm's(More)
Motivation MNCs are increasingly leveraging emerging markets to develop innovative capabilities • Leverage low-cost labor to reduce costs of ownership reduce costs of ownership • Tap into a more skilled/specialized labor pool • Develop products for fast growing regional markets
This paper examines the impact of health information technology (HIT) implementation and meaningful use on hospital productivity and financial performance. Focusing specifically on the healthcare sector allows us to examine at a more granular level the manner in which hospitals and other healthcare organizations adopt, implement and use their HIT systems(More)
We address the issue of intellectual property (IP) rights in onshore and offshore software development outsourcing. IP assets are generally intangible in nature and are easily misappropriated by the contracting parties. The paper examines two IP protection mechanisms employed by firms: rights-sharing arrangements and restrictive covenants and using data(More)
We investigate software process diversity, defined as the project condition arising out of the simultaneous use of multiple software development process frameworks within a single project. We analyze the antecedents and consequences of software process diversity and examine the relationship among software process diversity, organizational process(More)