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M anufacturing firms are increasingly using advanced enterprise-level information systems to coordinate and synchronize externally oriented functions such as marketing and supply chain and internally oriented activities such as manufacturing. In this paper, we present a model of manufacturing performance that simultaneously considers the effects of a firm's(More)
Information sharing in procurement occurs in many rich and varied industry contexts in which managerial decisions are made and organizational strategy is formulated. We extend the current theoretical results to understand how information sharing ought to work in procurement contexts that involve investments in interorganizational information systems and(More)
Motivation MNCs are increasingly leveraging emerging markets to develop innovative capabilities • Leverage low-cost labor to reduce costs of ownership reduce costs of ownership • Tap into a more skilled/specialized labor pool • Develop products for fast growing regional markets
Introduction 1 This section is a collection of shorter " Issue and Opinions " pieces that address some of the critical challenges around the evolution of digital business strategy. These voices and visions are from thought leaders who, in addition to their scholarship, have a keen sense of practice. They outline through their opinion pieces a series of(More)
Over the last two decades, IT strategy has been framed as a functional-level strategy that must be aligned with the firm's business strategy (Henderson and Venkatraman 1993). This thinking is also reflected in research studies in business process redesign, intra-and interorganizational systems, business value of IT, and IT outsourcing. However, during the(More)