Anandhakumar Sundaramurthy

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In recent years, the layer-by-layer (LbL) assembly based on hydrogen bonding interactions is gaining popularity for the preparation of thin film coatings, especially for biomedical purposes, based on the use of neutral, non-toxic building blocks. The use of tannic acid (TA) as hydrogen bonding donor is especially interesting as it results in LbL films that(More)
In recent years, the design of stimuli-responsive hollow polymeric capsules is of tremendous interest for the scientific community because of the broad application of these capsules in the biomedical field. The use of weak polyelectrolytes as layer components for capsule fabrication is especially interesting as it results in hollow capsules that show unique(More)
Background: WHO (2010) reported the rise in the number of smokeless tobacco users in India. Dipping tobacco is a form of smokeless tobacco being used in these region in various trade names. Nicotine in smoking tobacco is found to alter the cardiovascular autonomic functions. As the expected cardiovascular mortality due to tobacco use across the globe is(More)
Anisotropic nanoparticles have fascinated scientists and engineering communities for over a century because of their unique physical and chemical properties. In recent years, continuous advances in design and fabrication of anisotropic nanoparticles have opened new avenues for application in various areas of biology, chemistry and physics. Anisotropic(More)
BACKGROUND India is the third largest salt producing country in the World, with a global annual production of 230 million tonnes. Large number of salt workers get employed in these salt milling plants risking their life from the effects of salt. Recent foreign evidences reported that these salt workers are exposed to aerosol salt particles that disturb(More)
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