Anandam Banerjee

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A Boolean function on N variables is called evasive if its decision-tree complexity is N . A sequence Bn of Boolean functions is eventually evasive if Bn is evasive for all sufficiently large n. We confirm the eventual evasiveness of several classes of monotone graph properties under widely accepted number theoretic hypotheses. In particular we show that(More)
To lowest order of perturbation theory we show that an equivalence can be established between a PT -symmetric generalized quartic anharmonic oscillator model and a Hermitian position-dependent mass Hamiltonian h. An important feature of h is that it reveals a domain of couplings where the quartic potential could be attractive, vanishing or repulsive. We(More)
Grothendieck first defined the notion of a “motif” as a way of finding a universal cohomology theory for algebraic varieties. Although this program has not been realized, Voevodsky has constructed a triangulated category of geometric motives over a perfect field, which has many of the properties expected of the derived category of the conjectural abelian(More)
A new method for generating exactly solvable Schrödinger equations with a position-dependent mass is proposed. It is based on a relation with some deformed Schrödinger equations, which can be dealt with by using a supersymmetric quantum mechanical approach combined with a deformed shape-invariance condition. The solvability of the latter is shown to impose(More)
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