Ananda Pereira Aguilar

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Bovine mastitis is the primary disease of dairy cattle that has a great impact on the dairy industry. It is estimated that worldwide economic losses due to mastitis range between US$82 and US$131 per cow/year. A fast and efficient diagnosis of the disease remains a major bottleneck that directly influences the speed with which treatment decisions and(More)
Root resorption in permanent teeth is a frequently observed pathology that may originate in various causes. Life expectancy is progressively rising, odontological preventive care is becoming more widespread and professionals are educating their patients in the importance of preventive practices. Because senior citizens are thus losing fewer teeth(More)
Here, we present the draft genome sequences of four Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from mastitic milk collected from animals with subclinical manifestations. Three of them were typed as sequence type 126 (ST126), a genotype with no genome sequence available. ST126 is found in several herds of southern Brazil and is described as a bovine pathogen(More)
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