Ananda K. Ghosh

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Synaptogenesis is required for wiring neuronal circuits in the developing brain and continues to remodel adult networks. However, the molecules organizing synapse development and maintenance in vivo remain incompletely understood. We now demonstrate that the immunoglobulin adhesion molecule SynCAM 1 dynamically alters synapse number and plasticity.(More)
Supplementary Figure 1, related to Figure 1. The TMP/DD d system is better than the Shld1/DD f system for the chemical genetic control of protein expression levels in neurons cultured in microfluidic devices. This supplementary figure provides data that show the optimal chemical genetic system used in Figure 1 and subsequent figures. There are two(More)
The degeneration of axons is the underlying pathological process of several neurological disorders. The Wallerian degeneration (Wld(S)) slow protein, which is primarily nuclear, markedly inhibits axonal degeneration. Contradictory models have been proposed to explain its mechanism, including a role in the nucleus, where it affects gene transcription, and(More)
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