Anand Yethiraj

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Monodisperse colloidal suspensions of micrometre-sized spheres are playing an increasingly important role as model systems to study, in real space, a variety of phenomena in condensed matter physics--such as glass transitions and crystal nucleation. But to date, no quantitative real-space studies have been performed on crystal melting, or have investigated(More)
We have studied, with quantitative confocal microscopy, epitaxial colloidal crystal growth of particles interacting with an almost hard-sphere (HS) potential in a gravitational field and density matched colloids interacting with a long-range (LR) repulsive potential with a body-centred cubic (BCC) equilibrium crystal phase. We show that in both cases it is(More)
We study the properties of a solid-solid close-packed to body-centered tetragonal transition in a colloidal suspension via fluorescence confocal laser scanning microscopy, in three dimensions and in real space. This structural transformation is driven by a subtle competition between gravitational and electric dipolar field energy, the latter being(More)
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