Anand Tiwari

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This paper presents exhaustive review of various concept of voltage instability, main causes of voltage instability, classification of voltage stability, dynamic and static voltage stability analysis techniques, modeling, shortcomings, in power systems environments. It also reviews various current techniques/methods for analysis of voltage stability in(More)
The authors present their experience with therapeutic plasmapheresis (TPE) using membrane filters at the pediatric dialysis unit of a referral center. Between January 2006 and December 2010, 486 sessions of TPE were performed in 39 patients (range 6-17 y), chiefly for atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS, n = 22), crescentic glomerulonephritis (n = 8)(More)
Previous work from our laboratory involved the description of the Neurospora metal transportome, which included seven hypothetical zinc transporters belonging to the ZIP family. The aim of the present study was to make a comparative functional evaluation of two hypothetical zinc transporters named tzn1 (NCU07621.3) and tzn2 (NCU11414.3). Phenotypic analysis(More)
We report here the identification and characterization of mrdH, a novel chromosomal metal resistance determinant, located in the genomic island 55 of Pseudomonas putida KT2440. It encodes for MrdH, a predicted protein of approximately 40 kDa with a chimeric domain organization derived from the RcnA and RND (for resistance-nodulation-cell division) metal(More)
Transcriptional analysis using qRT-PCR of 62 metal ion transporters during conidial germination of Neurospora crassa showed a significant up regulation of a hypothetical copper transporter gene, tcu-1, that belongs to the Ctr family. Herein we characterised the Ctr family genes (tcu-1, tcu-2 and tcu-3) and deciphered their role in various developmental(More)
Our previous in silico studies identified a high-affinity nickel transporter, TNC, from the metal transportome of Neurospora crassa. A knockout mutant of the tnc gene in N. crassa failed to transport nickel, showed phenotypic growth defects and diminished urease activity under physiological levels of nickel. Transport assays conducted in wild type and(More)
This paper presents exhaustive review of various methods/techniques for coordinated control between FACTS controllers in multi-machine power systems. Authors strongly believe that this survey article will be very much useful to the researchers for finding out the relevant references in the field of coordination of FACTS Controllers. KeywordsControl(More)
This study presents comprehensive review of various methods/techniques for incorporation of differential algebraic equations (DAE) model of FACTS controllers and different type of loads such as a static, dynamic, and composite load model in large-scale emerging power systems for enhancement of loadability of power system networks. It also reviews various(More)