Anand Tiwari

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Parkinson's disease (PD) is one of the most common neurodegenerative disorders with limited clinical interventions. A number of epidemiological as well as case-control studies have revealed an association between pesticide exposure, especially of paraquat (PQ) and occurrence of PD. Hsp70, a molecular chaperone by function, has been shown as one of the(More)
In an effort to identify the role of Rab11, a small GTP binding protein, during Drosophila differentiation, phenotypic manifestations associated with different alleles of Rab11 were studied. The phenotypes ranged from eye-defects, bristle abnormalities and sterility to lethality during various developmental stages. In this paper, our focus is targeted on(More)
Rab11(mo), a P insertion line of Rab11 showed degenerated ommatidia and excess cell death in larval/pupal eyes. Here, we demonstrate that Rab11 is essential for normal organization of ommatidial cells and their survival in Drosophila, and a mutation in this gene results in cytoskeleton disruption and activation of JNK signaling in the eye. The spatial(More)
We survey basic properties and bounds for q-equivelar and d-covered triangulations of closed surfaces. Included in the survey is a list of the known sources for q-equivelar and d-covered triangulations. We identify all orientable and non-orientable surfaces M of Euler characteristic 0 > χ(M) ≥ −230 which admit non-neighborly q-equivelar triangulations with(More)
In the recent past, it has been seen that the synergism of evolutionary, fuzzy and neural network is gaining popularity over individual techniques due to its combined computational efficiency. In this paper, we have investigated the feasibility of synergism between evolutionary fuzzy clustering using three different validity criteria and neural networks. We(More)
In vitro antioxidant virtue and life-prolonging effect of phycoerythrin (PE; a pigment protein isolated from Phormidium sp. A09DM) have been revealed in our previous reports (Sonani et al. in Age 36:9717, 2014a; Sonani et al. in Process Biochem 49:1757–1766, 2014b). It has been hypothesized that the PE expands life span of Caenorhabditis elegans (bears(More)
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