Anand Tiwari

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Parkinson's disease (PD) is one of the most common neurodegenerative disorders with limited clinical interventions. A number of epidemiological as well as case-control studies have revealed an association between pesticide exposure, especially of paraquat (PQ) and occurrence of PD. Hsp70, a molecular chaperone by function, has been shown as one of the(More)
Rab11(mo), a P insertion line of Rab11 showed degenerated ommatidia and excess cell death in larval/pupal eyes. Here, we demonstrate that Rab11 is essential for normal organization of ommatidial cells and their survival in Drosophila, and a mutation in this gene results in cytoskeleton disruption and activation of JNK signaling in the eye. The spatial(More)
In an effort to identify the role of Rab11, a small GTP binding protein, during Drosophila differentiation, phenotypic manifestations associated with different alleles of Rab11 were studied. The phenotypes ranged from eye-defects, bristle abnormalities and sterility to lethality during various developmental stages. In this paper, our focus is targeted on(More)
We survey basic properties and bounds for q-equivelar and d-covered triangulations of closed surfaces. Included in the survey is a list of the known sources for q-equivelar and d-covered triangulations. We identify all orientable and non-orientable surfaces M of Euler characteristic 0 > χ(M) ≥ −230 which admit non-neighborly q-equivelar triangulations with(More)
In vitro antioxidant virtue and life-prolonging effect of phycoerythrin (PE; a pigment protein isolated from Phormidium sp. A09DM) have been revealed in our previous reports (Sonani et al. in Age 36:9717, 2014a; Sonani et al. in Process Biochem 49:1757–1766, 2014b). It has been hypothesized that the PE expands life span of Caenorhabditis elegans (bears(More)
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