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The Effects of Physical Training are Varied and Occur in an Exercise Type-Dependent Manner in Elderly Men
Regular exercise can decrease the deleterious effects of aging and limit the development and progression of chronic disease in elderly people, depending on the type, intensity, frequency, andExpand
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Regulation of ROS defense system by Hybanthus enneaspermus in CCl4 induce cardiac damage.
The purpose of this study is to regulate the ROS (Reactive oxygen species) defense system in cardiac damage induced by CCl₄(Carbon tetra chloride) in rats using Hybanthus enneaspermus. AdministrationExpand
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KRAS gene polymorphism (rs61764370) and its impact on breast cancer risk among women in kerala population, South India
Background: In association with the risk of developing different types of cancer, several studies have currently reported association of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the lethal-7 miRNA bindingExpand