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Artocarpin, a tetrameric lectin of molecular mass 65 kDa, is one of the two lectins extracted from the seeds of jackfruit. The structures of the complexes of artocarpin with mannotriose and mannopentose reported here, together with the structures of artocarpin and its complex with Me-alpha-mannose reported earlier, show that the lectin possesses a(More)
We present the first deterministic 1+ε approximation algorithm for finding a large matching in a bipartite graph in the semi-streaming model which requires only O((1/ε)5) passes over the input stream. In this model, the input graph G=(V,E) is given as a stream of its edges in some arbitrary order, and storage of the algorithm is bounded by O(npolylog n)(More)
In this paper we improve the analysis of approximation algorithms based on semidefinite programming for the maximum graph parti-(2002) that a parameter-driven random hyperplane can lead to better approximation factors than obtained by Goemans and Williamson (1994). Halperin and Zwick could describe the approximation factors by a mathematical optimization(More)
In this article we introduce combinatorial multi-color discrepancies and generalize several classical results from 2–color discrepancy theory to c colors (c ≥ 2). We give a recursive method that constructs c–colorings from approximations of 2–color discrepancies. This method works for a large class of theorems like the 'six standard deviations' theorem of(More)
In the b-degree constrained Euclidean minimum spanning tree problem (bMST) we are given n points in [0; 1] d and a degree constraint b 2. The aim is to nd a minimum weight spanning tree in which each vertex has degree at most b. In this paper we analyze the proba-bilistic version of the problem and prove in armative the conjecture of Yukich stated in 1998(More)
The development of efficient 3D seed reconstruction algorithms is an ongoing and vivid research topic. Since the 1980s many publications about seed assignment were published. In this paper a novel mathematical approach is described to solve the 3D assignment problem for the reconstruction of seeds with radiographs: we present a fast linear programming(More)
For numerical integration in higher dimensions, bounds for the star-discrepancy with polynomial dependence on the dimension d are desirable. Furthermore , it is still a great challenge to give construction methods for low-discrepancy point sets. In this paper we give upper bounds for the star-discrepancy and its inverse for subsets of the d-dimensional unit(More)