Anand Singh Rajawat

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Scientists want to stay connected with everything that is new and innovative in the world, so they constantly read and analyze several online scientific resources such as magazines and journals. A user needs to do a lot of searching through on the web to locate the articles which are important to their interest. The idea of a news aggregator is not new to(More)
Nowadays, with the improvement of internet technology and advancement in distributed computing data is increasing rapidly. There is a need of information sharing between organizations. Ideally, we wish to share data from multiple private databases and want to extract information or knowledge from it. For this reason, organizations integrate their data to(More)
Stability Analysis of a high-order system (HOS) is very complicated, tedious and costly. It creates a great challenge for an analyst to reduce those high-order problems into the lower order with some mathematical methods. In this paper, four complex linear time higher order problem on SISO system solved by using one of Mathematical method is known as Routh(More)
Underwater sensor network protocol research can be a sizzling research subject inside the computer network field. In this field all standards are intended on the basis of UWSN request prerequisites. Offering of routing protocol will depend on process prerequisites and software applications. Real time software applications are moment version in addition to(More)
Using Association Rule mining is extremely well-organized method for getting strong relation between correlated data or information. The correlation of data provides significance complete taking out progression. For the mining of positive and negative rules, a range of algorithms are utilized for example Apriori algorithm and tree based algorithm. A numeral(More)
In Web world, there is immense of information available on the internet but user is not capable to find relevant information in short period of time. Therefore, a system called recommendation system developed to assist user in their browsing activities. It analyzes users need and provides relevant information in shorter span. In this work, various(More)
In Organization the data is very important that increase the volume of information that is available on the web and that leads to the design of efficient and accurate web data classification systems. In this paper, we define a framework to improve the performance of a base classifier, by clustering the unlabeled data with labeled data using clustering(More)
Global warming induces steric as well as eustatic rise in sea-level, by thermal expansion and addition of ice-melt water, respectively. Although the IPCC (2007) estimated a maximum possible sea-level rise of about 59 cm, more recent estimates show a global average rise of 1 m by the 2100 AD. Geomatics-based predictive models on the possible impact of(More)
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