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Recent misuse of wireless internet by terrorists has increased the need for security in the same. With ever growing technology both cryptographers, who encrypt messages, and cryptanalysts, who break those codes, have equal opportunities and facilities. Quantum Cryptography seems to be a promising solution providing absolute security in such communications.(More)
Health care data includes patient centric data, their treatment data and resource management data. It is very massive and information rich. Valuable knowledge i.e. hidden relationships and trends in data can be discovered from the application of data mining techniques on healthcare data. Data mining techniques have been used in healthcare research and known(More)
The importance of utilizing biometrics to establish personal authenticity and to detect imposters is growing in the present scenario of global security concern. Also the Development of a biometric system for personal identification, which fulfills the requirement for access control of secured areas and other applications like identity validation for social(More)
The security of many computer systems hinges on the secrecy of a single word - if an adversary obtains knowledge of a password, they will gain access to the resources controlled by this password. For the vast majority of computer systems, passwords are the method of choice for authenticating users. The most widely and commonly used authentication is(More)
As the quantum cryptography is the ultimate solution for information security. Quantum cryptography describes the ultimate way for key distribution. Unlike many of the classical cryptosystems in use today, whose security often draws on unproven assumptions about the computational complexity of mathematical problems, the security of quantum cryptography is(More)
Almost every country in the world face the problem of counterfeit currency notes, but in India the problem is acute as the country is hit hard by this evil practice. Fake notes in India in denominations of Rs.100, 500 and 1000 are being flooded into the system. In order to deal with such type of problems, an automated recognition of currency notes in(More)
The image cryptography is one of the techniques used in the data security during communication over public domain. In the many researchers are working to make the visual cryptography techniques more robust and secure against the attack. In this paper, we have proposed the visual cryptography in the video with the halftone image as a secrete image. We have(More)
OBJECTIVES This study is designed to investigate prevalence and risk factors of insomnia in TBI. This study has also tried to explore the connection between insomnia with neuroanatomical localization of TBI as well as depression. DESIGN Prospective study. MATERIALS AND METHODS All eligible participants were evaluated initially after two week interval(More)