Anand Sharma

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OBJECTIVES This study is designed to investigate prevalence and risk factors of insomnia in TBI. This study has also tried to explore the connection between insomnia with neuroanatomical localization of TBI as well as depression. DESIGN Prospective study. MATERIALS AND METHODS All eligible participants were evaluated initially after two week interval(More)
Original Article Trochanteric femoral fractures are among the most common injuries necessitating hospital admission and surgery is the mainstay of treatment. In order to appreciate the results, one needs to understand the fracture patterns involved. It is also important to know whether a fracture is stable or unstable: The answer to this question will guide(More)
Bilateral cerebellopontine angle (CPA) arachnoid cysts (ACs) are very rare: only one case is reported in literature. Pathogenesis of those cysts is unknown; they are thought to be congenital. The presenting symptoms of CPA AC are frequently nonspecific or otological. The management of ACs of the CPA is controversial. We are reporting two cases of bilateral(More)
Malaria poses a major public health problem in India, where it is endemic, especially severe malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum infestation. There have been great changes in the clinical manifestation of severe falciparum malaria over the past couple of decades, with a shift from cerebral malaria to fever with jaundice, renal failure, bleeding(More)
CAPSULE: A case of Cephalothoracopagus janiceps monosymmetros detected at 24 week pregnancy by antenatal ultrasound. Among the Cephalothoracopagus twins, this case comes in extremely rare category due to following features : (a) presence of separate hearts (b) male sex (c) bony fusion at the level of the base of skull. The pregnancy was terminated after(More)
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