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At high magnetic fields (7 and 8.4 T), water proton magnetic resonance images of brains of live mice and rats under pentobarbital anesthetization have been measured by a gradient echo pulse sequence with a spatial resolution of 65 x 65-microns pixel size and 700-microns slice thickness. The contrast in these images depicts anatomical details of the brain by(More)
Hyperdontia presents as a unique dental condition which may or may not require immediate corrective therapy. Supplemental teeth in the permanent dentitian comprises only 4% of all the supernumeraries, and bilateral supplemental teeth are even rarer entities. We present a rare case report of non-syndromic bilateral supplemental maxillary lateral incisors.
A nitrile utilizing bacterium Rhodococcus sp. MTB5 was previously isolated in our laboratory by the enrichment culture technique. It is able to utilize butyronitrile as sole carbon, nitrogen, and energy source. Maximum butyronitrile degrading property of this strain has been investigated. Results reveal that 100, 98, and 88 % degradation was achieved for 2,(More)
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