Anand S. Nair

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Network Steganography which uses length of the packets for hiding the secret data are getting more importance day by day. Various steganographic algorithms have been proposed which embeds the data length modulating sequence of packet lengths with secret data stream. In this paper, a network steganalysis scheme has been proposed which can detect the presence(More)
In recent scientific literature, network based steganography is regarded as a new research direction in the paradigm of information hiding. Few approaches have been found which embed secret information by altering the length of network packets. In this paper, the steganographic security of an existing network length based embedding algorithm has been(More)
Brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) plays key roles in several neurodevelopmental disorders and actions of pharmacological treatments. However, it is unclear how specific BDNF's effects are on different circuit components. Current studies have largely focused on the role of BDNF in modification of synaptic development. The precise roles of BDNF in the(More)
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