Anand Ramani

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This paper describes MediaFaces, a system that enables faceted exploration of media collections. The system processes semi-structured information sources to extract objects and facets, e.g. the relationships between two objects. Next, we rank the facets based on a statistical analysis of image search query logs, and the tagging behaviour of users annotating(More)
A mutation in the centrosomal-P4.1-associated protein (CPAP) causes Seckel syndrome with microcephaly, which is suggested to arise from a decline in neural progenitor cells (NPCs) during development. However, mechanisms ofNPCs maintenance remain unclear. Here, we report an unexpected role for the cilium inNPCs maintenance and identifyCPAPas a negative(More)
The recent Zika virus (ZIKV) epidemic is associated with microcephaly in newborns. Although the connection between ZIKV and neurodevelopmental defects is widely recognized, the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. Here we show that two recently isolated strains of ZIKV, an American strain from an infected fetal brain (FB-GWUH-2016) and a(More)
Among the intelligent safety technologies for road vehicles, active suspensions controlled by embedded computing elements for preventing rollover have received a lot of attention. The existing models for synthesizing and allocating forces in such suspensions are conservatively based on the constraints that are valid until no wheels lift off the ground.(More)
This study involves the development of a fmite element model of a hennetic reciprocating compressor for noise prediction applications. Inherent difficulties in developing the finite element model of a complicated structure are discussed and appropriate modeling strategies are evolved. The development of the complete compressor fmite element model is carried(More)
In our research, the dynamic analysis of refrigeration compressor systems has been based on the assumption of a rigid crankcase and compressor mechanism. This paper presents results of a study where the rigid body assumption of the crankcase in the frequency range of analysis ( up to 2 KHz ) was investigated experimentally and analytically. Modeling(More)
The right-handed single-stranded beta-helix proteins characterized as virulence factors, allergens and toxins are threat to human health. Identification of these proteins from primary sequence is of great importance in bio-medicine and medical microbiology. In this paper, support vector machine (SVM) has been used to predict the presence of beta-helix fold(More)
Objective: The study was undertaken to compare the effect of ondansetron, granisetron and alprazolam on anxiety in rats. Materials and Methods: Elevated plus maze and Open field test were used to compare the effect of drugs on anxiety in rats. Six groups of rats were treated with 2% gum acacia orally, alprazolam 0.08mg/kg body weight of the rat orally,(More)