Anand Prakash Ruhil

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A broad variety of location dependent services will become feasible in the near future due to the use of the Global Position System (GPS), which provides location information (latitude, longitude and possibly height) and global timing to mobile users. Routing is a problem of sending a message from a source to a destination. Geocasting is the problem of(More)
A wireless sensor network based precision animal management system developed by us called Moosense is presented. Moosense is deployed in the Livestock Research Centre (LRC) of National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) Karnal. It is spread across a cluster of sensor networks where each cluster has a set of specialized systems, installed on the ground or(More)
The Attappady Black goat is a native goat breed of Kerala in India and is mainly known for its valuable meat and skin. In this work, a comparative study of connectionist network [also known as artificial neural network (ANN)] and multiple regression is made to predict the body weight from body measurements in Attappady Black goats. A multilayer feed forward(More)
The present investigation was undertaken to find the efficiency of three data mining techniques to study the sex ratio distortion in crossbred dairy cattle. Information on the date of birth, sex of calf, sire and dam identification number, parity number of dam and date of conception of dam of 873 crossbred calves born to 89 bulls at Cattle Breeding Farm,(More)
Present study describes the application of machine learning algorithms to detect the health status of Karan Fries crossbred cow, whether cow is lame or healthy. A total of 589 Karan Fries crossbred cows data from the herd maintained at National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Karnal were recorded for the health status (lame or healthy) as target variable(More)
Decision tree algorithms were used to develop predictive models for lameness based on percent of body weight distribution to individual legs of Karan Fries cross bred cows. To develop prediction model, 589 Karan Fries cows data were recorded for the health status (lame or healthy) as target variable and other non-genetic variables such as percent of body(More)
In this paper we have evaluated the performance of VDGEDIR, CH-MFR, R-DIR, DREAM and LAR geocasting protocol proposed for mobile ad hoc networks. The performance has been compared in both static and mobile environment. In the static environment we have also considered SP algorithm to compare performance of geocasting algorithms with SP. Mobility is(More)