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The authors review their experience with transfers of hospitalized psychiatric inpatients to general hospitals because of adverse drug reactions (ADRs). A total of 29 medical transfers related to ADRs were found in a review of 10,994 psychiatric inpatient admissions that occurred in a 30-month period between 1990 and 1993 (0.264%). Most cases involved(More)
RATIONALE While it is generally believed that administration of the dopamine precursor levodopa ( L-dopa) exacerbates symptoms of schizophrenia, numerous reports suggest that adjunctive L-dopa may be beneficial. This body of literature has not been critically reviewed. OBJECTIVES On the basis of published studies, to determine whether L-dopa administered(More)
BACKGROUND Clozapine is an effective therapy for the treatment of refractory psychosis. Clozapine-associated adverse effects include sedation, weight gain, sialorrhea, palpitations, seizures, and hematologic changes such as agranulocytosis. METHOD We present a four-case series in which clozapine use was associated with either a de novo onset or severe(More)
Sertraline and other SSRIs have a relatively favorable side-effect profile and are widely prescribed. We report the emergence of psychotic symptoms during treatment with sertraline in four patients. Three of these patients had a history of psychotic illness and were on antipsychotic medication, when sertraline was added. The psychotic symptoms emerged(More)
BACKGROUND Factitious disorders with psychological symptoms have been underdiagnosed and hence undertreated. Historically, the literature has focused on factitious disorder with physical symptoms, particularly Munchausen's syndrome. METHOD The authors report three cases of factitious disorder with psychological symptoms that had diverse clinical(More)
The emergence of obsessive-compulsive symptoms during clozapine treatment has been reported in recent case studies, yet the incidence and significance of this finding is still unclear pending reliable data from a larger sample of patients. Hospital records of 142 randomly selected inpatients started on clozapine treatment at McLean Hospital before July 1,(More)
BACKGROUND Self-injurious behavior (SIB) is a common clinical problem that affects a diverse group of patients and populations. Little is known about the underlying pathophysiology and pharmacologic treatment of SIB. METHOD The authors selectively reviewed the clinical literature on SIB and related aggressive/impulsive behaviors, with the aim of(More)