Anand Moodley

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The mechanical stimuli generated by orthodontic forces cause deformation of extracellular matrices and cells, vascular changes, inflammation, and the release of active biological agents generating a complex multifactorial sequence of biological events culminating in bone remodelling enabling orthodontic tooth movement. Orthodontic forces on the teeth(More)
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis is a monophasic demyelinating disorder of the central nervous system associated with various viral infections including HIV infection. We present the findings of seven HIV-infected patients with mild to moderate immunosuppression presenting with atypical features. Four patients had a multiphasic course; three patients(More)
The relationship between pseudotumor cerebri and contraceptive drugs is controversial. Its association with Implanon, an implantable single-rod contraceptive containing etonogestrel (a progestogen) has not been reported but is the subject of many medico-legal cases. The authors present two case reports of patients using Implanon and who subsequently(More)
Adie's pupil is characterised by pupil dilatation, segmental iris palsy, light-near dissociation, and slow re-dilatation. Most commonly, tonic pupils are unilateral and idiopathic, but can be caused by orbital disorders and autonomic neuropathies. There are only a few case reports of tonic pupils in patients with Sjögren's syndrome, caused by an autoimmune(More)
Visual loss in cryptococcal meningitis has been postulated to be due to papilloedema and/or optic neuritis. A 28-year-old human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-positive female presented with visual loss, swollen optic discs, and elevated intracranial pressure due to cryptococcal meningitis. Computerised tomographic cisternography and T2-weighted magnetic(More)
Cryptococcal induced visual loss is a devastating complication in survivors of cryptococcal meningitis (CM). Early detection is paramount in prevention and treatment. Subclinical optic nerve dysfunction in CM has not hitherto been investigated by electrophysiological means. We undertook a prospective study on 90 HIV sero-positive patients with culture(More)
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