Anand Manikutty

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Web content hosting, in which a Web server stores and provides Web access to documents for diierent customers, is becoming increasingly common. Due to the variety of customers (corporate, individuals, etc.), providing diierentiated levels of service is often an important issue for the hosts. Most server implementations , however, are not structured to(More)
Oracle XML DB integrates XML storage and querying using the Oracle relational and object relational framework. It has the capability to physically store XML documents by shredding them as relational or object relational data, and creating logical XML documents using SQL/XML publishing functions. However, querying XML in a relational or object relational(More)
The scheduling of tasks in distributed real-time systems has attracted many researchers in the recent past. The distributed real-time system considered here consists of uniprocessor or multiprocessor nodes connected through a multihop network. Scheduling in such a system involves scheduling of dynamically arriving tasks within a node (local scheduling) and(More)
XML has become an attractive data processing model for applications. SQL/XML is a SQL standard that integrates XML with SQL. It introduces the XML datatype as a native SQL datatype and defines XML generation functions in the SQL/XML 2003 standard. The goal for the next version of SQL/XML is integrating XQuery with SQL by supporting XQuery embedded inside(More)
In this paper, we present a solution to the problem of distributed air defense. The system consists of a set of 10 mobile nodes communicating with each other through a 500 KB/sec low bandwidth medium and via a surveillance satellite. These nodes are deployed on the battle-space and coordinate with each other in order to satisfy the system requirements. The(More)
A majority of today's real-time systems assume a priori knowledge of task characteristics and hence are based on static designs which contribute to their high cost and innexibility. The next generation hard real-time systems must be designed to be dynamic and exible. This provides the motivation to study various dynamic scheduling proposals. In this paper,(More)
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