Anand Gupta

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1 Abstract Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) systems, such as Google App Engine (GAE), simplify web application development and cloud deployment by providing developers with complete software stacks: runtime systems and scalable services accessible from well-defined APIs. Ex-tant PaaS offerings are designed and specialized to support large numbers of(More)
PURPOSE To culture and characterize oral mucosal epithelial cells (OMEC) grown on de-epithelialized human amniotic membrane (HAM) to explore their suitability as autografts in patients with bilateral ocular surface disease (OSD) and limbal stem cell deficiency. METHODS Oral biopsy samples were obtained from 20 patients undergoing oral reconstructive(More)
Security of websites and online systems is of paramount concern today. A significant threat comes from malicious automated programs designed to take advantage of online facilities, resulting in wastage of resources and breach of web security. To counter them, CAPTCHAS are employed as a means of differentiating these bots from humans. However, highly(More)
Study was conducted to evaluate the ground water quality for drinking and agriculture use in the area. Five sampling stations were selected in Banda district. The ground water samples were analyzed to measure physico-chemical and biological parameters for agriculture and domestic use. The different in geochemical process affecting the ground water quality(More)
In this paper, we present CLOUDRUNNER, a framework that extracts arbitrary programs from a source code repository (e.g. GitHub), wraps them in a web service and tasking system, and deploys them over disparate cloud infrastructures and local clusters, automating their portability. In particular, CLOUDRUNNER automatically creates and configures virtual(More)
With increase in availability of GPS enabled devices, a large amount of GPS data is being collected over time. The mining of this data is likely to help in detection of the locations which face frequent traffic congestion. The prior knowledge of such locations will help the users in deciding whether or not to opt for that route. Avoidance of plying on such(More)