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Results of room-temperature Raman scattering studies of ultrathin graphitic films supported on Si (100)/SiO2 substrates are reported. The results are significantly different from those known for graphite. Spectra were collected using 514.5 nm radiation on films containing from n = 1 to 20 graphene layers, as determined by atomic force microscopy. Both the(More)
The leguminous vine Kudzu (Pueraria thunbergiana) is an introduction into the N. W. Himalayan region of India. Despite its value as a fodder and cover crop, little is known about the nature of the nodule microflora. In an attempt to study the nodule bacteria, we isolated and characterized three nonrhizobial plant growth promoting bacteria from surface(More)
AIM To determine the cold tolerance and plant growth promotion potential of Serratia marcescens strain SRM (MTCC 8708). METHODS AND RESULTS Serratia marcescens strain SRM was isolated from the flowers of summer squash plants, showing no apparent symptoms of yellow vine disease. It was evaluated for growth and plant growth promotion attributes at 15 and 4(More)
1 Abstract Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) systems, such as Google App Engine (GAE), simplify web application development and cloud deployment by providing developers with complete software stacks: runtime systems and scalable services accessible from well-defined APIs. Ex-tant PaaS offerings are designed and specialized to support large numbers of(More)
Security of websites and online systems is of paramount concern today. A significant threat comes from malicious automated programs designed to take advantage of online facilities, resulting in wastage of resources and breach of web security. To counter them, CAPTCHAS are employed as a means of differentiating these bots from humans. However, highly(More)
In this paper, we present CLOUDRUNNER, a framework that extracts arbitrary programs from a source code repository (e.g. GitHub), wraps them in a web service and tasking system, and deploys them over disparate cloud infrastructures and local clusters, automating their portability. In particular, CLOUDRUNNER automatically creates and configures virtual(More)