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The leguminous vine Kudzu (Pueraria thunbergiana) is an introduction into the N. W. Himalayan region of India. Despite its value as a fodder and cover crop, little is known about the nature of the nodule microflora. In an attempt to study the nodule bacteria, we isolated and characterized three nonrhizobial plant growth promoting bacteria from surface(More)
Exiguobacterium acetylicum strain 1P (MTCC 8707) is a gram-positive, rod-shaped, yellow pigmented bacterium isolated from soil on nutrient agar plates at 4°C. The identity of the bacterium was arrived on the basis of the biochemical characterization, BIOLOG sugar utilization pattern and sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene. It grew at temperatures ranging from 4(More)
Security of websites and online systems is of paramount concern today. A significant threat comes from malicious automated programs designed to take advantage of online facilities, resulting in wastage of resources and breach of web security. To counter them, CAPTCHAS are employed as a means of differentiating these bots from humans. However, highly(More)
The concept of honeypot has been explored by many researchers in the network domain. We have proposed database honeypots and have given its architecture[5]. The use of such a honeypot is to identify potential attackers before an attack actually takes place. The privacy policy as advocated in [6] is expected to deny the access to a suspected user. However,(More)
Completely Automated Public Turing Tests to Tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHAs) are the automatic filters that are widely used these days to disallow any automated script that can perform the work of a human. CAPTCHAs are built in such a way that it is very difficult for any automated script to break them. In this paper, a novel approach for EZ-Gimpy(More)
Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) systems, such as Google App Engine (GAE), simplify web application development and cloud deployment by providing developers with complete software stacks: runtime systems and scalable services accessible from well-defined APIs. Extant PaaS offerings are designed and specialized to support large numbers of concurrently executing(More)
In presence of a robust privacy infrastructure, an attacker can fulfil his purpose (malafide intension) only by masquerading it with bonafide purposes besides other authentication parameters. We address the issue of masquerading of purpose for a malafide intension by defining the mapping from a malafide intension to bonafide purposes in this paper. An(More)
Sentence Connectivity is a textual characteristic that may be incorporated intelligently for the selection of sentences of a well meaning summary. However, the existing summarization methods do not utilize its potential fully. The present paper introduces a novel method for singledocument text summarization. It poses the text summarization task as an(More)
Edge detection is a field which has intrigued programmers since early 1970s. Since then, a good number of edge detection techniques have come up but the technique used by Canny [1] is very widely used. However, it has been observed that the results are not that efficient while dealing with alpha-numeric sections or geometrical figures or fine grain region(More)