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One of the nuclear-coded subunits of yeast cytochrome c oxidase is specified by a gene family composed of two genes, COX5a and COX5b. These genes are regulated differentially by oxygen and encode isoforms of subunit V, designated Va and Vb, which have only 66% primary sequence identity. Yeast cells require one or the other isoform for a functional(More)
  • Abo-Hashema, Khaled A H See Abu-Elheiga, +215 authors Im
  • 2001
AAAS News & Notes: AAAS project links judges to scientific experts. p1568 23 Feb 2001. AAAS urges Bush to support embryonic stem cell research. p2623 30 Mar 2001. Atlas examines link between population and environment. p671 26 Jan 2001. Call for nomination of fellows. p671 26 Jan 2001. Record R&D funding reported in AAAS report. p1568 23 Feb 2001. Science(More)
The plethora of microbial oxidases revealed by photochemical action spectra (Chance, B. (1989)) Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1000, 345-347) has led to detailed identification, purification and overproduction in many species, to the point where kinetic comparison of properties seems to allow structure/function deductions. This work compares the carbon monoxide(More)
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