Anamitra Bardhan Roy

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Compression technique plays an important role indiagnosis, prognosis and analysis of ischemic heart diseases.It is also preferable for its fast data sending capability in the field of telemedicine.Various techniques have been proposed over years for compression. Among those Discrete Cosine Transformation(DCT), Discrete Wavelet Transformation(DWT), Fast(More)
This work proposes a wavelet based Steganographic technique for the color image. The true color cover image and the true color secret image both are decomposed into three separate color planes namely R, G and B. Each plane of the images is decomposed into four sub bands using DWT. Each color plane of the secret image is hidden by alpha blending technique in(More)
Segmentation of blood vessels in retinal images provides early diagnosis of diseases like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. Among these diseases occurrence of Glaucoma is most frequent and has serious ocular consequences that can even lead to blindness, if it is not detected early. The clinical criteria for the diagnosis of glaucoma(More)
The Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a sensitive diagnostic tool that is used to detect various cardiovascular diseases by measuring and recording the electrical activity of the heart in exquisite detail. A wide range of heart condition is determined by thorough examination of the features of the ECG report. Automatic extraction of time plane features is(More)