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Segmentation of blood vessels in retinal images provides early diagnosis of diseases like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. Among these diseases occurrence of Glaucoma is most frequent and has serious ocular consequences that can even lead to blindness, if it is not detected early. The clinical criteria for the diagnosis of glaucoma(More)
  • A B Roy
  • 1978
The theoretical basis is given for methods of determining the apparent velocity constant, k*, for the substrate-induced inactivation of sulphatase A (aryl-sulphate sulphohydrolase, EC and the initial velocity, vo, of the catalytic reaction. The expression is of the same form as the empirical relationships previously used but the significance of the(More)
1. The isolated perfused rat liver forms three sulphated metabolites from each of the flavonoids, quercetin and catechin: these are secreted into the bile and the perfusate. 2. Quercetin gives two double conjugates, containing sulphate and glucuronic acid, and one sulphate: catechin gives one such double conjugate and two sulphates. 3. This sulphation is(More)
At present most of the hospitals and diagnostic centers globally, use wireless media to exchange biomedical information for mutual availability of therapeutic case studies. The required level of security and authenticity for transmitting biomedical information through the internet is quite high. Level of security can be increased; authenticity of the(More)