Anamika Sarkar

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The role of cell size and shape in controlling local intracellular signaling reactions, and how this spatial information originates and is propagated, is not well understood. We have used partial differential equations to model the flow of spatial information from the beta-adrenergic receptor to MAPK1,2 through the cAMP/PKA/B-Raf/MAPK1,2 network in neurons(More)
Reproducibly differential responses to different classes of antihypertensive agents are observed among hypertensive patients and may be due to interindividual differences in hypertension pathology. Computational models provide a tool for investigating the impact of underlying disease mechanisms on the response to antihypertensive therapies with different(More)
The regulation of IkappaB, NF-kappaB is of foremost interest in biology as the transcription factor NF-kappaB has multiple target genes. We have modeled a previously published model by Hoffmann et al. (2002) of IkappaB, NF-kappaB mathematically as discrete reaction systems. We have used stochastic algorithm to compare the results when there are large and(More)
PURPOSE Discoidin domain receptors (DDR) have recently been recognized as important players in cancer progression. DDRs are cell receptors that interact with collagen, an extracellular matrix (ECM) protein. However the detailed mechanism of their interaction is unclear. Here we attempted to examine their interaction in terms of structural (surface(More)
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