Anamika Khajuria

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Oral administration of BOS 2000 (1-10 mg/kg) elicited a dose related increase in the delayed hypersensitivity reaction (early 24 h and delayed 48 h) in mice. It also stimulated the IgM and IgG titre expressed in the form of plaques (PFC) and complement fixing antibody titre. The concentration of cytokines (IL-4, IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha) in serum with(More)
Piperine (1-Piperoyl piperidine) is a major alkaloid of Piper nigrum Linn. and Piper longum Linn. It is shown to possess bioavailability-enhancing activity with various structurally and therapeutically diverse drugs. The mechanism of enhancing the bioavailability, is, however, not understood. We hypothesize that piperine's bioavailability-enhancing property(More)
The effects of graded doses of a chemically standardized aqueous alcoholic (1:1) root extract (AGB) of Withania somnifera on the immune system of SRBC immunized BALB/c mice were investigated. Mice were administrated AGB orally for 15 days. AGB stimulated cell mediated immunity, IgM and IgG titers reaching peak value with 30 mg/kg b.wt. Flow cytometric(More)
The immunobiological activity was investigated of certain medicinal plants widely used in the Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine for treatment of chronic infections and immunological disorders. The effect of an ethanolic extract of each drug was studied on delayed type hypersensitivity, humoral responses to sheep red blood cells, skin allograft(More)
Aim of the study is to evaluate the anti-ulcer efficacy of the boswellic acids (BA), a triterpenoid known as anti-inflammatory/anti-arthritic agent, which is in clinical use. The reason for the study is that, the known non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are full of side effects especially ulceration which is at the top. BA, although, used as an(More)
Deregulated apoptosis and suppressed tumour reactive immunity render tumour cells to grow amok in the host body. Traditionally used botanicals may offer potential anticancer chemo-immunotherapeutic leads. We report in this study a chemically standardised herbal formulation (WSF) of Withania somnifera possessing anticancer and Th1 immune up-regulatory(More)
Two Triterpenoids (sapogenins 1 and 2) isolated from Luffa cylindrica were subjected to immunomodulatory activity in male Balb/c mice. Mice were treated with three doses of sapogenins 1 and 2 (10, 30 and 100 mg/kg) and levamisole (2.5 mg/kg) used as a standard reference drug for 15 days. Immune responses to T-dependent antigen SRBCs were observed using(More)
This study was conducted to characterize and explore the endophytic fungi of selected plants from the Western Himalayas for their bioactive potential. A total of 72 strains of endophytic fungi were isolated and characterized morphologically as well as on the basis of ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 ribosomal gene sequence acquisition and analyses. The fungi represented 27(More)
A 95% ethanol extract from whole aerial parts of Euphorbia hirta (EH A001) showed antihistaminic, antiinflammatory and immunosuppressive properties in various animal models. EH A001 inhibited rat peritoneal mast cell degranulation triggered by compound 48/80. It significantly inhibited dextran-induced rat paw edema. EH A001 prevented eosinophil accumulation(More)
Piperine, [1-[5-[1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl]-1-oxo-2,4, pentadienyl] piperidine], is a pungent alkaloid present in Piper nigrum Linn, and P. longum Linn. It is shown to enhance the bioavailability of various structurally and therapeutically diverse drugs. A concise mechanism responsible for its bioavailability enhancing action is poorly understood. This study is(More)