Anamika Dubey

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The paper presents a simple but efficient novel H-eigenface (Hybrid-eigenface) method for pose invariant face recognition ranging from frontal to profile view. H-eigenfaces are entirely new basis for face image representation under different poses and are used for virtual frontal view synthesis. The proposed method is based on the fact that face samples of(More)
Title of dissertation: LEARNING FROM MULTIPLE VIEWS OF DATA Abhishek Sharma, Doctor of Philosophy, 2015 Proposal directed by: Professor David W. Jacobs Department of Computer Science This dissertation takes inspiration from the abilities of our brain to extract information and learn from multiple sources of data and try to mimic this ability for some(More)
This paper proposes a hybrid current profile based fault location algorithm for double-line-toground (DLG) faults in a distribution system. The method uses both short-circuit fault current profile (average of fault currents recorded for the faulted phases) and during-fault load current profile (corresponding to the un-faulted phase) to estimate an accurate(More)
Ensuring a high level of service reliability is of paramount importance in an all-electric ship. In the literature, shipboard power systems (SPS) have been designed for improved survivability and quality of service (QOS) requirements. This paper presents a two-level topology design approach and develops system-level architectures for SPS that ensure(More)