Anamika Chhabra

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The phenomenal success of certain crowdsourced online platforms, such as Wikipedia, is accredited to their ability to tap the crowd's potential to collaboratively build knowledge. While it is well known that the crowd's collective wisdom surpasses the cumulative individual expertise, little is understood on the dynamics of knowledge building in a(More)
Despite a significant improvement in the educational aids in terms of effective teaching-learning process, most of the educational content available to the students is less than optimal in the context of being up-to-date, exhaustive and easy-to-understand. There is a need to iteratively improve the educational material based on the feedback collected from(More)
Although Wikipedia has been one of the most successful experiments in crowdsourced knowledge building so far, recent statistics show that the growth rate of Wikipedia has decreased. Does it indicate that Wikipedia has come against its limits of growth? A recent survey conducted by us, however, shows that Wikipedia is unable to satisfactorily answer the(More)
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