Anamaria Montandon Dumont

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A dot-filling test was used to assess hand performance in two populations of French children. In the first experiment, the effect of sex, age and handedness on hand performance was examined (1742 children). Age was related to the degree of laterality, but girls were less lateralized than boys. The second experiment (200 children) showed that the surprising(More)
Hand performance and laterality scores on a unimanual tapping test were studied in relation to age, sex, and handedness in a sample of 209 French children. Each child performed three trials with each hand. Older children were faster, but differences between hands were not related to age. Right-handed girls were more lateralized than right-handed boys. Left-(More)
The emission from galactic black holes and Seyfert galaxies is generally understood in term of two-phase models (Haardt & Maraschi 1991, 1993). Such models postulate that a hot plasma (∼10 9 K) coexists with relatively colder material (∼ 10 6 K) in the inner part of the accretion flow. We present the first simulated broad-band spectra produced by such a(More)
The complexity and the extension of tasks in the world today demand an extensive interaction among people with different knowledge backgrounds, who need to work in cooperation, aiming at a common goal. In this paper, we present a method to model the tasks and actions that a group of users carries out when working cooperatively through a computational system(More)
We have monitored the AGN 3C 390.3 between 1995 and 2000. A historical B-Band light curve dating back to 1966, shows a large increase in brightness during 1970 – 1971, followed by a gradual decrease down to a minimum in 1982. During the 1995–2000 lapse the broad Hβ emission and the continuum flux varied by a factor of ≈ 3. Two large amplitude outbursts, of(More)
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