Anamaria Gaudencio Martins

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Recent approaches to classification of text, images, and other types of structured data, launched the quest for positive definite (p.d.) kernels on probability measures. In particular, kernels based on the Jensen-Shannon (JS) divergence and other information-theoretic quantities have been proposed. We introduce new JS-type divergences, by extending its two(More)
Reducing post-harvest loss (PHL) allows farmers to keep more of their crop and increases grain supplies, which are critical in a world where resources are scarce and rural developing economies struggle. While the policy goal is well understood, the micro-economics of loss are not. Little research focuses on the role managers play in reducing loss. Using(More)
Symbolic model checking, smc, is a powerful decision procedure , that veriies that a given nite-state transition system is a model for a given formula of Computation Tree Logic (CTL). smc is based on xpoint computations, and is linear in the size of the system. Unfortunately , the size of a system grows exponential with the number of state components, and(More)
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