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Multisensor image fusion is the process of combining relevant information from high spatial resolution image and high spectral resolution image. This paper proposes a new image fusion method based on wavelet combined IHS and PCA transformations for remotely sensed lunar image data in order to extract features accurately. Different fusion techniques have(More)
In this paper, an attempt has been made to retrieve watermark same as original watermark using Cat Swarm Optimization (CSO) technique. Embedding watermarks in frequency domain can usually be achieved by modifying the Least Significant Bits (LSBs) of the transformation coefficients. The hidden watermark in an image is retrieved differently from the original(More)
Pulmonary Segmentation of lungs from chest CT images is useful in diagnosis of abnormalities and surgery planning. Lung is segmented from chest CT using iterative thresholding method. Further processing is carried out to visualize fissures characteristics and each segment inside the lung. Lung fissures are extracted using canny edge detection. Morphological(More)
Received Feb 3, 2017 Revised Mar 18, 2017 Accepted May 5, 2017 Dual input dc-dc converters have two input voltage sources or one input source and an energy storage system like ultra capacitor, PV, battery, super capacitors and a single output load. In order to process the power in hybrid energy systems using reduced part count, researchers have proposed(More)
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