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Heart failure (HF) is the heart's inability to meet the body's need for blood and oxygen. According to the American Heart Association 2013 update, approximately 5.1 million people are diagnosed with HF in the United States in 2006. Heart failure is the most common diagnosis for hospitalization. In the United States, the HF direct and indirect costs are(More)
1. The elder population, in comparison with younger populations, not only suffers different types of trauma injury, but also responds differently to their injuries. 2. Nursing care in the resuscitation phase includes careful assessment to evaluate physiologic trends and patterns of response. Ideally, this is done, along with treatment of injuries, within(More)
Heart failure (HF) is a new epidemic in the United States. Advanced HF is a fatal illness affecting our veterans and causing frequent hospital readmissions in both the Veterans Affairs hospital and throughout the nation's healthcare system. The clinician's obligation is to offer the best alternatives in the care of chronic illness. The Veterans Affairs(More)
Malnutrition is common in the intensive care unit (ICU) and is related to higher incidence of morbidity and mortality among seriously ill patients. Achieving a quality nutritional care plan is a challenge to critical care practitioners and dietitians worldwide. The multifaceted and advanced therapies in the ICU historically take priority over nutritional(More)
Patients who are high risk high cost (HRHC), those with severe or multiple medical issues, and the chronically ill elderly are major drivers of rising health care costs.1 The HRHC patients with complex health conditions and functional limitations may likely go to emergency rooms and hospitals, need more supportive services, and use long-term care(More)
Using Leininger's Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality as a framework, this research examined transcultural practices of nurses and students. A survey was administered to a convenience sample of registered nurses and senior baccalaureate students with 767 usable questionnaires returned. Neither group expressed confidence in their ability to(More)
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