Analisa Beneitez

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The effects on sleep/wakefulness states of morphine, morphiceptin (specific mu agonist), DPDPE (delta agonist) and U-50,488H (kappa agonist) microinjections in the Locus coeruleus area (LC) were studied in cats. Morphine (0.8-1.75 nmols in 50 nl of saline) and morphiceptin (1.75 nmols) in LC significantly increased the total time spent in slow wave sleep(More)
INTRODUCTION Different studies have assessed the influence of chewing gum to aid control of appetite and reduce food intake. PURPOSE The aims of the present study were to evaluate the effects of chewing gum on satiety, food hedonics and snack intake and to explore the potential effects of the combination of Garcinia c ambogia, green coffee extract and(More)
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