Analia Parada

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Allergic asthma represents an important public health issue with significant growth over the years, especially in the paediatric population. Exhaled breath is a non-invasive, easily performed and rapid method for obtaining samples from the lower respiratory tract. In the present manuscript, the metabolic volatile profiles of allergic asthma and control(More)
Breeding sheep populations for scrapie resistance could result in a loss of genetic variability. In this study, the effect on genetic variability of selection for increasing the ARR allele frequency was estimated in the Latxa breed. Two sources of information were used, pedigree and genetic polymorphisms (fifteen microsatellites). The results based on the(More)
In this study we applied equivalence testing methods to prove the absence of differences in genetic values of ewes with different PrP genotypes. In particular, the milk production genetic value equivalence of ARR ovine prion protein (PrP) genotypes was analysed. There is no scientific evidence implying that the performances and genetic values of different(More)
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