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An automated solar-powered aquaponics system towards agricultural sustainability in the Sultanate of Oman
This paper introduces an automated solar-powered aquaponics system, designed and implemented to be cost-effective and environmentally sound for local communities in Oman and other arid regions. ItExpand
A Smart and Solar-Powered Solid Waste Segregator with Cloud-Based Wireless Monitoring System in a School Campus
This work presents the design and implementation of a smart and solar-powered solid waste segregation system using Arduino microcontroller interfaced with sensors, actuators. and Particle PhotonExpand
A Survey on Management of Upstream Land Use and its Impact on Downstream Water Quality Parameters
This paper introduces the various upstream land use activities that are major contributors of downstream water pollution. The proposed measures to reduce the pollution of downstream water bodies suchExpand
A Synthesizable VHDL Model of a Lossless Data Compression Circuit Using Run Length Encoding Algorithm
This paper presents a synthesizable VHDL model of a Lossless Data Compression Circuit with Run Length Encoding (RLE) scheme. Expand