Analía Rodríguez

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Hepatobiliary cystadenocarcinomas (BCACs) with mesenchymal stroma are a rare cystic lesion. This tumour needs to be distinguished from benign biliary cystadenoma, which is antecedent in most cases. The treatment of choice is radical excision of the mass. The diagnostic evaluation, surgical management, pathological characteristics, treatment and follow-up of(More)
Insecurity in the supply of fossil fuels, volatile fuel prices, and major concerns regarding climate change have sparked renewed interest in the production of fuels from renewable resources. Because of this, the use of biodiesel has grown dramatically during the last few years and is expected to increase even further in the future. Biodiesel production(More)
BACKGROUND When feeding preterm infants, donor milk is preferred if the mother's own milk is unavailable. Pasteurization may have detrimental effects on bioactivity, but more information is needed about its effects on the immunological compounds. Research aim: This work has two main aims: evaluate the antibody profile of colostrum and study the quantitative(More)
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