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Free text entry versus structured data has been proposed as models in data entry in health information systems. A new user interface was developed with the objective of improving data capture. It also implemented a modification of the discharge summary data entry user interface that allowed the selection of already coded terms from a local terminology in(More)
INTRODUCTION although trends in consumer research suggest growing interest in using electronic PHRs, actual utilization of PHRs technologies is still low. OBJECTIVE to identify those conditions that make patients at Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires (HIBA) use a PHR. STUDY DESIGN Analytic Cross-sectional study. RESULTS the average age was 55.5 years(More)
One of the main needs of health care systems, are related to the ability to manage and process large volumes of data stored in heterogeneous clinical repositories. This issue is a topic of interest in the field of health informatics. This paper describes a new alternative for the clinical information retrieval, stored in HL7 Clinical Document Architecture(More)
INTRODUCTION Nonattendance at scheduled outpatient appointments for primary care is a major health care problem worldwide. Our aim was to estimate the prevalence of nonattendance at scheduled appointments for outpatients seeking primary care, to identify associated factors and build a model that predicts nonattendance at scheduled appointments. METHODS A(More)
Health information exchange ensuring its authenticity and integrity is not a simple task. Many institutions have implemented different solutions to perform this exchange using partial or summary information, and rarely include metadata that establish the context in which they performed the primary data capture. In this setting, we proposed the creation of(More)
The adaptation of the 10x10 certificate program in health information systems for a Puerto Rican audience is described. The 10x10 program was initially developed in the USA by the Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU), then adapted to Latin America by Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires. Puerto Rico is in the intersection of the United States and Latin(More)
UNLABELLED A Help Desk (HD) is crucial in a computerized hospital. OBJECTIVE to describe the performance of a HD. DESIGN retrospective cohort study. RESULTS the sociodemographic characteristics of users, as well as their relationship with the institution influence behaviour when requesting support to a HD. Also we observed a relationship between the(More)
Medication errors are responsible for most inpatient adverse events. Medication reconciliation emerged as an effective strategy to decrease these problems, enhancing patient safety. Electronic health records with reconciliation tools could improve the process, but many aspects should be considered in order to reach expected outcomes. In this paper we(More)
Communication between users and technicians is crucial for improving Help Desk performance. The objective of this study is to know and understand perceptions, and needs of users and help desk technicians. A qualitative study based on interviews was performed. The emergent topics were communication, workload and misperceptions between end-users and(More)
Younger generations are extensive users of digital devices; these technologies have always existed and have always been a part of their lives. Video games are a big part of their digital experience. User-centered design is an approach to designing systems informed by scientific knowledge of how people think, act, and coordinate to accomplish their goals.(More)