Anakenna Ortega

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Pressure relief valve is one of the most important devices used on the security of pipelines, since it is responsible to guarantee the integrity of the installations. Generally, the response and behavior of a relief valve during its transient is unknown by users, who employ simplified and static analysis to design the pipeline, further, the information(More)
BACKGROUND Reactors found in nature can be described as micro-heterogeneous systems, where media involved in each micro-environment can behave in a markedly different way compared with the properties of the bulk solution. The presence of water molecules in micro-organized assemblies is of paramount importance for many chemical processes, ranging from(More)
Direct acting spring loaded pressure relief valve is one of the most important devices to ensure security to pipeline oil transport. However, relief valves' manufactures generally only provide information on valve characteristics under full opening stage, which is obtained under steady state regime, therefore, valve and flow's transient behavior are(More)
Copy number alterations (CNA) affecting small portions of chromosomes are difficult to identify. Advances in microarray technology now allow very high resolution scans of large cohorts of samples but at the price of severe noise degradation. Our proposed genome alteration detection algorithm (GADA) has been shown to be a highly accurate and efficient(More)
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