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Plants sense the presence of potentially competing nearby individuals as a reduction in the red to far-red ratio of the incoming light. In anticipation of eventual shading, a set of plant responses known as the shade avoidance syndrome (SAS) is initiated soon after detection of this signal by the phytochrome photoreceptors. Here we analyze the function of(More)
The shade avoidance syndrome (SAS) refers to a set of plant responses initiated after perception by the phytochromes of light enriched in far-red colour reflected from or filtered by neighbouring plants. These varied responses are aimed at anticipating eventual shading from potential competitor vegetation. In Arabidopsis thaliana, the most obvious SAS(More)
The focusing property of thick chirped hologram PDLC gratings is investigated theoretically. Focal length's formula for linearly chirped gratings is obtained by using Bragg condition. Diffraction efficiency dependence on incident angle in focus point is calculated numerically and enhanced bandwidth is observed.
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